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Jingle Balls Is Upon Us

Jingle Balls is upon us

Now, I’m sure that if you have any inkling of who I am you’ll know that I’m not the religious type, I’m not one for celebrating religious holidays, but December to me is a good excuse to hanker down at home (not that we’ve needed an excuse to do that in 2020!) and get the sparkly decorations out of their warmer weather hibernation.  I love the idea of an alternative Xmas, I don’t want the option of scoffing to much food, watching crappy telly, and giving gifts to my favourite people, to lay in the domain of religion. So in my house, it very much doesn’t, though I do like to do a platter of Baby Cheeses!

As a creative type it’s probably my best time for sales too and I love being a stall holder at markets at this time of year, there’s a real buzz around them, the anticipation of choosing the perfect gift for someone you love. This COVID-19 pandemic has hit makers hard this year, and it’s going to be especially tough for some of us who rely on festive sales. I know I’ve not stopped making things, and I’m sure that’s the case for most makers.

Handmade Xmas Decorations

I’ve got lots of handmade xmas decorations all ready to find new homes now, and I’ve got lots of new naughty ceramic ones in various stages of the making process too.  Rather than adding them onto my online Etsy shop and having to increase prices to counteract the fees there, I’ve decided to sell the ones that are available now  via my Facebook page, so they are at stupidly low prices.  They’re all included in a ‘Xmas 2020’ photo album that is pinned to the top of that page, so it’s very easy to find, just click here. Prices are starting from just £1 and there’s crazy deals on bulk buys of designs too. 

You can contact me directly if you want to give any of them a home, either to brighten up your own home with the nice ones, make an alternative Xmas statement with the naughty ones, or give them as gifts.

Handmade Gifts

If you’re on the hunt for gifts, I’ve got lots of my work in my Etsy shop, just click here and go have a browse through my paintings, prints, ceramics, mosaics and craftwork, prices start there from just £10 including free UK postage!

Commission Your Own Gifts

If you would like a commission of a Sweary Landscape (it doesn’t have to be Sweary) then please contact me directly to guarantee a truly unique and bespoke gift.

I’d love to do a happy dance!

I’m relying on my lovely supporters to consider buying handmade things for this festive season, to shop local and shop small businesses, rather than lining the already bulging pockets of the big corporates. By buying direct from an artist or crafter you are getting something unique,  something made with a passion, and you’ll be encouraging a whole raft of people to do happy dances.

Sarah x


Why buying handmade art is important

I’ve been working as an artist for a few years now and I take great pride in the fact that everything I design and create is unique and it is made from a mental place of caring about what I do.  What is handmade art? My work is a reflection of my imagination, my moods, my individuality, and my skills.

Whilst I may have had a scandalous moment or two in my life, my scandals are nothing in comparison to those of big companies producing mass-manufactured items, whether from an environmental or human rights position. 

Buying from individuals is a more sustainable way to shop, and you know where your pennies are going. It’s less likely for your purchase to become another part of landfill in a ‘throwaway society’ as you will value the fact that it has been hand crafted.

As human beings shouldn’t we celebrate our uniqueness?  We are all individuals, each of us should revel in the joy that our homes, or gifts to loved ones, can reflect that.

By buying a unique piece of art from me, or a handmade ceramic for your home, you are asserting that you want to support a working artist or crafter, that buying from a small business is a concern to you as you don’t want to see the destruction of local markets or shops in your area.  Purchasing online from an artist gives them the opportunity to continue their work, and often their work is paramount to their mental stability, it’s hard for a creative to not be able to create. 

My work is not expensive, and the time it takes for me to make something is often undervalued considerably, yet I am still sometimes shocked that often for a cost difference of a few pounds, someone would rather purchase an item intended for decorative purposes or functionality that thousands or millions of other people will also have in their homes. 

Buying from a small artisan is a clear indication that you want to support that person’s livelihood, that you want to contribute to a local economy, and that you want to see the skills used in the make to thrive.

Knowledge is power, and knowing where your money is going is gratifying.  Cash is King, and knowing that you can be an influencer of wealth distribution is a great power indeed.  You could give your money to a big company, or you can choose to give it to someone that will be so very grateful that you are supporting them and giving their creative efforts a good home.  Hell, I’ve even been known to do a happy dance or two!