Why buying handmade art is important

I’ve been working as an artist for a few years now and I take great pride in the fact that everything I design and create is unique and it is made from a mental place of caring about what I do.  What is handmade art? My work is a reflection of my imagination, my moods, my individuality, and my skills.

Whilst I may have had a scandalous moment or two in my life, my scandals are nothing in comparison to those of big companies producing mass-manufactured items, whether from an environmental or human rights position. 

Buying from individuals is a more sustainable way to shop, and you know where your pennies are going. It’s less likely for your purchase to become another part of landfill in a ‘throwaway society’ as you will value the fact that it has been hand crafted.

As human beings shouldn’t we celebrate our uniqueness?  We are all individuals, each of us should revel in the joy that our homes, or gifts to loved ones, can reflect that.

By buying a unique piece of art from me, or a handmade ceramic for your home, you are asserting that you want to support a working artist or crafter, that buying from a small business is a concern to you as you don’t want to see the destruction of local markets or shops in your area.  Purchasing online from an artist gives them the opportunity to continue their work, and often their work is paramount to their mental stability, it’s hard for a creative to not be able to create. 

My work is not expensive, and the time it takes for me to make something is often undervalued considerably, yet I am still sometimes shocked that often for a cost difference of a few pounds, someone would rather purchase an item intended for decorative purposes or functionality that thousands or millions of other people will also have in their homes. 

Buying from a small artisan is a clear indication that you want to support that person’s livelihood, that you want to contribute to a local economy, and that you want to see the skills used in the make to thrive.

Knowledge is power, and knowing where your money is going is gratifying.  Cash is King, and knowing that you can be an influencer of wealth distribution is a great power indeed.  You could give your money to a big company, or you can choose to give it to someone that will be so very grateful that you are supporting them and giving their creative efforts a good home.  Hell, I’ve even been known to do a happy dance or two! 


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