Make Your Xmas Unique

Ding dong, merrily, I wish I was high! But I’m not, unless it’s from the fumes of glue from being a maker.

It’s that festive time of year and for artistic types like me it’s a very important part of our calendar. Not only does art make a great gift, but the desire for more handmade and less mass-manufactured Xmas decorations is increasing.

I started making Xmas decorations as a child, I hold a memory of sitting round the table with my younger brother, making mobiles with paper straw stars to hang in our house. It was the 1970’s and festive decorations were not as themed or colour coordinated as some insist on now. Our home-made paper straw mobiles hung alongside masses of plastic tinsel and lametta, they were like a refreshing break from the optical rape of sparkles.

As an adult I hold my hand up to being one of the colour coordinated festive decorators, my artificial tree is purple, and the items that adorn it are primarily silver, white or black. In saying that, my tree has lots of my handmade decorations on it each year, and includes lots of skulls, Star Wars tributes, planets and Jack Skellington’s amongst the baubles. I now embrace the sparkles, the glitz and the campness of it all. But the personal touch is a necessity as far as I’m concerned.

A few years ago I took to enhancing wooden decorations, they have all manner of themes: animals, skulls, fantasy, winter, and are mostly a bit ‘alternative’ to the traditional works you find in the high street stores. I’ve realised this week just how many of them I have accrued, so I’m offering amazing deals on ‘lucky dips’ in my online shop. If you buy 20 then it works out to just £1.10 per item, buy 10 and it’s just £1.40 each, and buy 6 for just £1.66 each, and those prices include free UK postage too!

I’ve also got some great deals on my ceramic decorations too, including lots of Sweary and naughty ones, and to fulfil the nice part of this season, there’s some porcelain ones too on offer. Every item is handmade and decorated by me, so each is unique.

My latest ceramic decorations will be coming this week, including some with boobies! There’s only a few left of the Sweary ones I finished last week, you can find what’s available in my shop. I’ve created a section there called ‘Xmas Decorations’ just to make everyone’s lives that little bit easier. There’s lots to see in the other listings in my online shop too that make great unique gifts, including one-off ceramics, money art, and paintings. You can also find great deals on my signed limited edition art prints too.  Don’t forget that all prices include free UK postage too, and if you’ve been good I’ll even throw in a free gift!  

I can’t provide you with your Xmas dinner and nibbles, but I’m here for your other unique seasonal requirements.

Happy December to you!

Sarah x

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